Friday, August 22, 2008

Remembering Michael Whetton...

I am lost. I am confused. I feel like I'm walking around in a daze.

Someone very important to me passed away on Wednesday, someone who has always looked out for me and contributed in many ways to the person I am today.

Michael Whetton was my boss for seven years when I worked for Freemans. I started just after the August floods in Wollongong in 1998, I was nearly finished Year 12 and my sister Nic called me in a panic and asked me to come into the office to help. I met Michael that day and worked for him for the next seven years before i fell pregnant with Cooper.

Michael was a daily influence in my life, within a year I became his Personal Assistant and would spend alot of time one on one with him. He was the first one to tell you if you looked especially nice that day, but also the first to tell you if you looked like shit. Michael didn't mince his words, and we had our run ins, but I never lost respect for him and looked up to him like a father figure.

Michael taught me to be a perfectionist in my work, I have the work ethic I have today because of Michael. He was the sort of boss that gave back as good as he got...if you did the right thing by Michael, he always did the right thing by you.

Even when I stopped working for Michael in the office, I continued to do Michael's ironing every week. He always took the time to stop for a chat, and loved talking to my kids. He took Daniel to the cricket, took Daniel & I to dinner and even took me to the opera at the Opera House the one and only time I've ever been.

Only five weeks ago Michael found out he had cancer, which was a shock to everyone as he really wasn't ill. He retired from his job at Freemans that day. He spent the next five weeks in hospital, with the doctors trying everything they could to 'fix' him.

I had NO IDEA that the situation was this dire. When Michael's wife Anna called me on Thursday morning there was not one iota of me that thought she was going to tell me that Michael had passed away. I was dumbfounded, I didn't know what to say. Still today I can not believe it and expect Michael to pull up in my driveway any minute to drop the ironing off.

My love and thoughts are with Anna, Martin, Simone, David and the rest of the Whetton Family. I loved Michael and will never ever forget him.


  1. thinking of you Sar, hope you are ok. Im always here for you...
    Love Lauren

  2. Sarah, We have never met, but I am so humbled by the lovely things you have said about my father. He was the most wonderful man and I am so lucky and privileged to have been his son. The whole family is devastated by his passing, but were fortunate to be with him at the end. He never lost his charm, humour, generosity and grace, and thanked every doctor, nurse and helper by name. He received last rites and anointing and renewed his vows to Mum from his bed.
    His last thoughts were that everyone else was ok and looked after. Thankyou from all of us for making this effort and your kind words.
    Martin Whetton and family.

  3. Hope that you are ok, it's awful to loose someone you are close to - especially when it is unexpected.
    Sorry for your loss

  4. OH Sar... feeling for you chickie... Martin's words (up there ^^^^) are just lovely and I wish I could be like him but I just have to say... CANCER SUCKS!!!! You know we lost someone too this year and it just stinks. I wish you and his family lots of love. Sounds like heaven just got richer.

  5. My heart aches for the loss of such a beautiful man, for the great loss his family is feeling and for the loss you feel Sarah. If it wasn't for Michael I would not have started working for my dad and would not have met such a great friend like you. I would not have meet such a dignified and honest loving man like Michael. My brother and two sisters will be forever grateful to Michael for being our Dads best friend. My dad is lost without him and his friendship. We as a family are very sad to have lost Michael from our lives, its like loosing a family member, and it hurts to see our dad hurt so much. They really were great mates for many many years. We will all miss Michael deeply. But how lucky we all are to have known such a man, to have our memories to treasure, how better we are as people to have known him. Thank you Michael for being in our lives, thank you for being my dad's best mate, and thank you for my friend Sarah. Love ya......