Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday again...

Where do the weeks go? Its Monday again, another busy week ahead, time is just flying at a rapid rate.

Got a little scrapping in last night after Georgie & Bronte went to bed, me & Coop sat at the kitchen table and just did 'craft' as he calls it. It was lovely actually to have that little bit of time just for me & him.

I ended up with this page for a challenge over at Scrap Therapy. I sorta think it needs something, but I spent waaaay too much time on it and so too bad, its done.

Just pottering around doing a bit of tidying up. Mum is here, Daniel has gone to work, Georgie & Bronte are asleep. Need to move my scrap crap back into the scrap room before it well and truly overtakes my upstairs area as well!

Am totally loving Pink's new song 'So What' at the moment, have you heard it? Do yourself a favour, have a listen here. Check out the lyrics too, its a classic. Sucked in god, what man would be stupid enough to lose Pink?! Crazy.


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  1. loving all your latest Sar, they all look awesome!