Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Kit Pages

OMG, I'm getting SO MUCH out of these kits, I've done five pages with the We're Savvy Kit (which is only a $25 kit!) and all I've had to add it extra cardstock...pretty good value, eh? Here's what I managed today at the Savvy crop...not showing one yet as its the blind scrap for this weekend's Birthday Cybercrop happening in the forum from Friday night 18 June and going for nearly a week!

You Smile Like The Sun That Shines Through The Rain with the sold our We're Savvy kit. Aren't these photos of Georgie playing in the rain just beautiful?

Footy Egg taken on Easter morning of my boys, using the He's Savvy Kit.

And this one I did last night while my friend Loz was here visiting, the latest sketch from Stuck?! again with the He's Savvy kit.

Get over to the store and grab one of the last available kits for June!

An early night needed for me before another busy weekend, catch you soon!


  1. Awesome layouts Sar :) Must be an awesome kit!! Hope you have a great nights sleep xx

  2. Gorgeous stuff chick... can't wait to see you making these creations IRL! Woooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo... MOJO me baby!!!!! hahahaha ;)

  3. Gorgeous take on the Stuck?! Sketch Sar!!!

  4. Lookin great Daniel's face in the "Footy Egg" photos LOL