Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Savvy CC Challenges

Don't forget, you've still got one whole day to submit your challenge layouts to the Savvy Gallery from last weekend's Scrapbook Savvy cybercrop!!! I have done a couple of the challenges, the first one being Kerryn's Challenge for which we had to use song lyrics from a song before 1990. This was perfect of a story I've been wanting to scrap about Cooper:-

And then this one is Sara's challenge, we had to use the word 'Remember' and at least three colours. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of me & hubby, we were going to our friends Anth & Linda's wedding, I was THIN and felt fab...those were the days....*sigh*...

My week was going ok until today, had an argument with someone I love and feel crappy about it all, so hard to please everyone all the time. :(

I lost 0.8kgs at Weight Watchers yesterday which surprised me, looks like all that exercising is paying off, I was at it again this morning with a 'lift' session which is kinda like Pump. I went to one of the sessions where you can take your kids, and it was great! They played with the other kids the whole time and the hour flew, will have to do that more often, I think.

Don't forget to leave me some love on my '300 Posts' post to be in the running for that We're Savvy kit for December....I PROMISE I will have a sneak for you tomorrow. :)


  1. they are gorgeous LOs Sar!
    im upset coz i didnt get a chance to start one :(

  2. Love both these LO's Sar, your stuff is awesome....

  3. Hi Sar...I especially love that secon layout...just gorgeous!

  4. hi Sar! those LO are awesome! I hope your day gets better *hugs*