Monday, October 19, 2009

My poor girl..

Georgie fell on the slippery dip while we were at the park for Alicia's baby shower yesterday morning. She was so upset, I thought she'd only split her lip and couldn't understand why it took her so long to calm down. It was only when she settled down and gave me a big smile that I realised she'd knocked her teeth up into her gum. I was devastated, and just fell to pieces. Took her to the medical centre, they sent me to the hospital, who then sent me to another hospital where a dentist met me.

Here she is waiting at the hospital, you can see from the photo just how far up her tooth was pushed.

One good thing is that after the initial impact, she wasn't actually in any pain, thank goodness.

I had to make the decision whether to leave her tooth with a high risk of infection, which could in turn damage her future teeth. My other option was to have the tooth removed. There was no way I was risking infection, pain and out it came. She was so good in the chair, only whimpering as the needles were put into her gums, poor baby.

She was very excited last night at the prospect of the tooth fairy coming, here she is putting her tooth under her pillow...

And this morning, look what the tooth fairy left!

She's a little bit swollen today, but again not complaining of any pain at all, she's such a good girl.

Mummy isn't coping so well, I'm feeling really down about it. As someone who has teeth dramas and has had for ten years, the last thing I ever wanted for one of my babies was the same issues.

She has to have xrays in a couple of weeks to check everything, and to see how the tooth next to the one she lost is holding up. Then all we can do it wait and hope that her big teeth come through when she's old enough.

For now we have gappy toothless Georgie for her photos....but omg, she's sooooo cute, isn't she?



  1. Hey babe.... Keep your chin up. Geirgie is happy with her Barbie Doll, and soon enough you will hardly notice!! She's still our beuatiful Geirgie girl with or without her tooth mwah xx

  2. oh the cute little thing!!! and Sar she'll be fine, don't stress about things that are out of your control, you will make yourself sick again!!

  3. Alls well that ends well, someone famous wrote. I can see how bad the tooth fairy is feeling, by the doll. She'll be fine. You did the right thing. Big {hugs}

  4. Oh Sar....:( That's no good @ all.

    Sending big hugs your way.


  5. I agree with Peta! she is still gorgeous! gotta love that barbie!

  6. OMG Sar, what a story, sorry only read this after our email earlier, or would have mentioned. Please take good care and I'm praying that all will be ok for your gorgeous girl xxx.

  7. She is a cute little girl,with or without teeth,she will be fine.
    And don't worry about the teeth,the grown up teeth will be son had the same bad teeth in front,2 of them,and now he has good grown up teeth.

    take care and a hug for the little toothy cutie.

  8. Poor Georgie.....she still is a cutie! She is sucha trooper she doesn't look like she cares that much...especially since she got a barbie!!

  9. Oh Sar, I can only imagine how you felt!! I too think that you did the right thing by getting the tooth pulled. Who knows what complications might have arisen if it had been left there!!! Take sweetie, these things happen, don't be too hard on yourself! xxx

  10. What a brave little girl!!!! Hope you're feeling better about it all soon Sar:)