Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lifting from Scrapbook Trends

So in January we only released one kit at Scrapbook Savvy as we wound down from the Xmas/New Year madness. Life was a bit stressy with kids on holidays and the usual complications that brings to the life of a working parent!

I wanted to scrap with my new kit, but I had mojo, no oomph, no drive and certainly no new ideas!

Instead of walking away from the scrapbooking table, I picked up the closest Scrapbook Trends mag which I think was the January issue at the time...I turned to the first layout in the magazine and I scrap lifted it using my kit.

When I finished that page, I went on to the next...and then next! I honestly think that I could scraplift any of the Scrapbook Trends Magazines from cover to cover...the layouts and standard of work in each of these mags just amazes me, every time, without fail.

Here are the layous I lifted, all using the SOLD OUT January You're Savvy Kit.

She Light Up Our World - I couldn't wait to scrap this photo taken by my friend Loz from Red Door Photography of Bronte, like my little girl this photo is just breathtaking. This girl does literally light up our world each and every day, with her chatter & stories & whistling & laughter...this little girl was definitely brought into this world to make our daily lives full of smiles and joy.

Enjoy More...a photo of me taken by my friend Sandie from Sandie Mallon Photography at the SFS Retreat in October. One of the lessons I learnt in 2011 was balance, and learning how to live my life healthily without giving up everything 'bad' for me and also managing my hectic world without medication. A big year for me, with lots of ups & downs but all in all I know I am in a much better place for it come 2012.

And lastly, 19kgs Down - a page about my weight loss journey last year and showing the difference from Xmas 2010 to Xmas 2011!

A closeup of my cluster including some more WOW chipboard.

I've just got the latest Scrapbook Trends Mag in the Savvy store for March, haven't had a chance to read my copy yet but looking forward to doing that maybe over the weekend with a relaxing cup of coffee :)

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