Sunday, January 15, 2012

Xmas, New Year & Birthday Catchup

As did the my house, my business, my schedule, my poor blog got totally neglected over the madness of the Xmas & New Year period! I was actually spending time in my 'real world' with my hubby, kids, family & friends...IT WAS GREAT!

We had a lovely Xmas Day surrounded my family, nothing better than Xmas morning with our babies and then a house full at lunchtime...the house decorated beautifully and everyone enjoying the day.

Here's the layout for Week 52 of my 52 Week Album, 'The Photo' of all of us on Xmas Morning. We actually nearly forgot to take the photo, and Dan had to bring all the bikes back inside especially!!!

A close up of some of the Purple Pumpkin goodness featured on my layout...

The week between Xmas & New Year flew by with hubby working, and the kids & I out & about enjoying time with friends.

New Years Eve was fabulous, spent in at our beautiful Wollongong Harbour with family & friends. The atmosphere was great with music & dancing by all of us, and the highlight of the night being the fireworks at 9.30pm. The kids absolutely LOVED it and this was the first time I think they'll remember actually seeing the fireworks in real life.

The week after New Year was an ongoing birthday celebration for our big 5yo Georgia.

She had a fab birthday on the Thursday spent at Jamberoo Recreation Park...

and then an even fabber (is that actually a word?!) pink party on the Saturday.

A very spoilt girl, but totally deserved in our eyes (of course!).

Four days after Georgie's birthday was Dan's birthday, the big 3-6. The kids loved spending the day with Daddy, even though he had to go off to work that night.

I don't think a full routine will really kick back in for another couple of weeks, with the kids still being on school holidays...but its start to get back to semi normality now with me being back at work, Bronte back at daycare and the other two at holiday care two days a week.

I will be back really soon with another post, and I'll be sure to have some more scrapping to show you!

Thanks for checking in :)

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