Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 15th Sketch...

..is now up at Stuck and time is running out to submit your entries! Here's a look at the sketch...

And my take using the gorgeous Crate Paper Restoration range which is one of my fave lines ever.

This week I am a full-time working Mum, with my jobshare partner off on holidays. OMGoodness, as much I love my job and love being here, I don't think I could work full-time permanently. My house is trashed and honestly looks like we've been robbed...the result of a busy weekend and then straight into work on Monday. I usually have a couple of days after my weekend to get the house in order before my working week rolls around...but omg not this week and I'm feeling it! I take my hat off to all you full-time working Mums out there, I don't know how you do it.

On another note, my gorgeous little Georgie performed in her first eisteddfod on Sunday night in the Illawarra Flame Dance Challenge at the IPAC with her dance studio's Entertainment Troupe. My girl did GREAT and I think Mummy was more nervous than Georgia was. She was more than happy for me to leave her backstage and didn't miss a beat on the 'big stage' as she calls it. Our troupe won but by default, I was very disappointed that the other three troupes did not show as it would've been interesting to see what we were up against. I guess they knew the awesome-ness our studio would deliver and ran away with their tails between their legs, right?!

I didn't get any photos of my girl all dressed up in her costume on the night (she is a sugar cube at Alice in Wonderland's tea party), and obviously we couldn't take any while they were onstage...but here is one of my girl at her dress rehearsal last weekend (her 'sugar cube' was yet to be finished off in white). She's just a bit gorgeous, right?

She was SO proud of herself after her performance and you couldn't wipe the smile from her face for the entire night and next day. Very proud Mummy here, and not feeling one bit concerned about the 5 dance classes this girl does each week...she THRIVES on it and loves every minute. I can't take that away from her and have to just smile and shrug it off when people are shocked at the amount she does at the tender age of 4yo. If she didn't want to do it, she wouldn't. =)

Anyhoo, enough from me, hope you're having a fabulous week...I'll be back soon with some more scrappy shares.

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  1. look at my gorgeous girl! I am sure that she will let you know when the dancing gets too much for her... and while she is enjoying it... why not!
    I too take my hat off for full time working mothers..... I dont know how I did it when my girls were younger!
    love you mwah!

  2. Georgia just looks gorgeous. I agree that she will tell you if she doesn't want to do it. Kate told us at 6 she didn't want to do ballet anymore but she restarted at 10 and loves it.Love that layout for Stuck too. Take care, Deb xx

  3. She looks sooooo pretty!! And I say let the girl dance is she loves it!

  4. OMG what a little cutie ;)