Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blind Scrapping @ SFS

If you need a kick in the bum to actually get a layout done each week, then blind scraping @ Scrapbooking from Scratch is for you! Each week Peta holds a blind scrap session and gives step by step instructions to create a layout...the catch being we don't know what the layout will look like until its done, so the steps are open to each person's interpretation! I love it, and have never finished a blind scrap disappointed. If you would like to subscribe, find out more info here.

This one was from a couple of weeks ago, all the kids at 'The Farm' down the coast, a place our boys have always loved and it appears the kids are following in their footsteps....lucky us mums can stay home and scrap instead!!

And this one from Monday night, on our way to Kate's Retreat in March, such an awesome time.

Thanks Pj for the inspiration, can't wait for the next one! :)


  1. gorgeous LO's Sar! I love that photo of us before we left!I really enjoyed doing this weeks blind scrap with you all xxxx miss you mwah!

  2. Love the results! I'll have to catch up have missed the last couple with sick kiddies, etc

  3. mwah mwah mwah

    so glad I have been able to kick you butt LOL - so to speak!!!!